Monday, 15 August 2011

Sunday, 14th August -Dementia UK

After a weekend of drinking, folk music and doing absolutely nothing (a first for us!), we realised that the only food in the house was a box of egg rolls, so a much-needed stop at the supermarket was called for.

MrM and I are not fans of big multinational companies, so try to avoid shopping at the supermarket as much as possible. And this morning, we were reminded why! We took all of our bags to the shop (which rhymes with Pesco), and I even used a washing up bowl (the one we took to the festival) to put fruit in. I told the assistant that I had brought six bags (because bags mean points and we all know what points mean!).

She ignored me. So I said it again. She ignored me. So I said it again. She then snapped at me, telling me that she'd heard me the first time. I said that she didn't react, so I assumed she hadn't heard me, to which she said she couldn't do two things at once and putting my card transaction through the till was foremost in her mind. Firmly put in my place, I decided that this would be my last trip to this shop and so I put all of my change into the collection tin for the last time thinking of something positive that could bring me back. The only redeeming feature of this soulless place is that they are collecting for Dementia UK.

The mission of Dementia UK is to improve quality of life for all people affected by dementia.

■Promote and develop Admiral Nursing - a specialist nursing intervention focused on meeting the needs of carers and families of people with dementia
■Provide high quality training for professionals working with older people, carers and people with dementia
■Promote good practice in dementia care
■Work in partnership with the NHS, social services, other voluntary groups, carers and people with dementia
■Contribute to national policy on dementia, older people and carers' issues
■Influence practice and policy development

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