Monday, 1 August 2011

Lovely blog follower!

Dannie - you are lovely! Thanks for this lovely comment! I feel a bit bad about moaning about last week's Big Issue seller and wonder if she was at a language disadvantage (although I would have understood a smile - it's international after all!) Most Big Issue sellers are really lovely and great salespeople. Hope I didn't put you off!

Have to say, the guy i bought my big issue from was also very charmless. At first i didnt think he was going to give me my magazine after giving him the money, but eventually he did and the whole transaction was completed without him sayig a word or giving any eye contact. It was rather dissapointing as i was trying to encourage my sister to buy the big issue in future and explained how it really worked. Hopefully she won't let this experience put her off. Its down to you though Magatha, the fact that i now buy the big issue and i have managed to convince her, thanks to your explanations on how the big issue really works, so thanks for being an inspiration!xx

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  1. Aww! Thanks Magatha, you have me smiling! Its very true what i said though, in fact my sister has really got in to it now and is encouraging others to buy the big issue. If she knew how to use the internet more, she would follow your blog! It's really good that she's got in to it though as its not usually her thing. Just goes to show how important your year long challenge is, i really do think its amazing.xx