Friday, 26 August 2011

Friday, 26th August - Make a Wish Foundation

There are many things that fascinate me that baffle other people. One of these is my collection of ugly postcards that I've been collecting since the early 1990s. The days of horrible postcards, and indeed postcards themselves, seem to be dying out - nowadays you don't often see postcards in Spain of Flamenco dancers with the skirt bit actually made of real material, but when I do come across one, it makes me howl with laughter. I know I'm weird, but you just wait and see - these will be worth a fortune in the future!

The last one to adorn my collection came from a museum in France (see picture). I bought it as the mannequin leaning over the table is the stuff of nightmares. I also found a good home for it as for every postcard received from a different postal region in the world £5 will be donated to an accumulating fund for 'The Make A Wish Foundation UK'.

if you are going on holiday or a trip or know someone who is send a postcard to: 'Wish You Were Here' KCR, Keith, Scotland, UK, AB55 5AN.

Include you name and some form of contact detail as.prizes will be given for various categories such as best picture, furtherest travelled, best message and a random draw at the end on more besides. Make a Wish are an amazing charity and for a small moment of your time you're contribution can help a child with life threatening illness experience an amazing trip or present. Your card/s will also become part of a fantastic exhibition once the challenge closes on 30 Sep 2012. Even if you are going on holiday to a popular destination do not be put off from sending a card as you could still win a prize and I hope to get companies to sponsor individual countries so the excess cards raise funds too. I will keep you informed as the fund and collection grows. Many Thanks.


  1. I love postcards and collect them often. Next time i am somewhere i will send these guys a postcard.

    By the way, you can follow my life list blog which is here.

  2. Aw, that's wonderful, thank you! Will make myself a cup of tea and sit down properly with your blog. At a glance, do I see that you're going to the Reading Festival?! We're in Newbury if you'd like to pop by for a shower :D Have a great time!!