Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Wednesday, 6th July - Salvation Army

After a few lengths at our ultra long outdoor pool, I cycled back past the Salvation Army shop which had loads of vintage suitcases for sale outside which intrigued me, and led my eye to a massive declutter! The shop has always been a treasure trove but the new look means it's easier to have a look around. Having soaking wet hair which I'd just used the last of my shampoo on, I bought this:

The Salvation Army is a church and registered charity which helps with social welfare provision.

Worldwide there are over 1.6million members, with programmes including homeless centres, drug rehabilitation centres, schools, hospitals and medical centres, as well as nearly 16,000 church and community centres. The work of The Salvation Army is funded through donations from its members, the general public and, where appropriate, local authority and government grants.

Local Salvation Army church and community centres offer a range of activities and services within their local communities. People can become involved in all sorts of ways, through volunteering with fundraising initiatives, attending church services and helping with local activities.

The Salvation Army also supports the work of the emergency services by providing refreshments, shelter and counselling at major incidents.

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