Thursday, 7 July 2011

Thursday, 7th July - Fairclose Day Centre/ Helen and Douglas House

Bright and early, I headed to St Nicolas Church hall as they have a weekly charity coffee morning. MrM muttered something about how people are always rude at these events and said he'd wait for me across the road.

I purchased two little cupcakes in aid of Fairclose Day Centre (one for MrM, I promise!) and went to have a look at the books, and just as MrM predicted, got tutted at by an elderly woman who told me that I was in her way. I moved to get out of her way, provoking more unnecessary tutting when a man stopped me to tell me that he had just had an argument with her about her rudeness. "She's always like that", he laughed.."make sure you tut right back at her."

So, time to go. But having spent less than a pound on unhealthy treats and feeling distinctly uncharitable, I felt I should do more and caught up with MrM across the road in the Helen House charity shop where I bought two more books, one called "The Fabulous Girl's guide to life" where the absence of a chapter on tutting implied that I need to work on my fabulousness!

The support of charitable trusts and foundations makes a significant contribution in helping us sustain essential services and develop specialist care. This enables Helen & Douglas House to be at the forefront of palliative care for children and young adults with life-shortening conditions; internationally, nationally and locally.

We are most grateful for the generous support of all the trusts who support our pioneering and life-enhancing work.

Opportunities to further our common aims

We welcome enquiries and open engagement with all trusts with whom we can further our common purposes.

We have a “total care” approach to patients and families, and invite funding to support the breadth of our hospice operation. This includes:

•Medical service and research in paediatric and young adult palliative care
•Nursing and specialist care work
•Bereavement and family support
•Sibling support
•Social work
•Chaplain and spiritual support
•Music therapy
•Complementary therapy
•Occupational therapy
•Youth work
•Volunteer involvement and development
•Medical supplies
•Capital equipment and building development

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