Thursday, 28 July 2011

Thursday, 28th July - Big Issue

Still in Chalfont St Peter, I bought this week's Big Issue from a charmless seller who didn't say thank you and muched her way on some chewing gum throughout the transaction. Most Big Issue sellers are very friendly and great sales people.

Some quotes from other sellers in this week's issue:

"Are you a therapist cause I need to get rid of my issues!?"

"Stop looking at me ladies, you can't afford me!"

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  1. Have to say, the guy i bought my big issue from was also very charmless. At first i didnt think he was going to give me my magazine after giving him the money, but eventually he did and the whole transaction was completed without him sayig a word or giving any eye contact. It was rather dissapointing as i was trying to encourage my sister to buy the big issue in future and explained how it really worked. Hopefully she won't let this experience put her off. Its down to you though Magatha, the fact that i now buy the big issue and i have managed to convince her, thanks to your explanations on how the big issue really works, so thanks for being an inspiration!xx