Saturday, 16 July 2011

Saturday, 16th July - Swings and Smiles

I can't drink tea or coffee at the moment, but decided to go to a coffee morning anyway in aid of Swings and Smiles. I chose a flapjack instead, but wasn't sure when the very enthusiastic cake lady went through the options three times whether she was trying to get me to have something else!

Swings & Smiles will be a comprehensive recreational facility in West Berkshire for all families who have special needs children.

We aim to provide an environment where people with special needs and their carers, siblings or the whole family can play together without the pressures often experienced in wider community settings. Sessions will be designed to meet the needs of particular disability groups and age ranges. Provision will cover day-time, after-school, weekends and holiday periods.

A range of play settings is proposed with appropriate equipment, toys and opportunities to try new experiences. The building will be designed to meet a wide range of access and handling requirements and emphasis will be placed on the sensory needs of users.

We will also welcome adults with disabilities who may benefit and also visits from community groups and respite providers.


  1. Glad you got your flapjack :)

    Looks yummy to...

  2. Sounds like a fantastic charity and well worth supporting. Well done once again on keeping up this challenge and on finding so many things to attend and do, am amazed at how you find them all:-)