Friday, 29 July 2011

Friday, 29th July- Community Furniture Project

While MrM was away a couple of weeks ago (subtext - I had to cook for myself), I managed to completely smash the glass top of our electric cooker. I really must do something about my temper. Only kidding - I was cleaning a jar of honey and it fell out of my hand, obliterating the glass below. As I recounted to MrM with much apology, "my hand was the only thing that the honey didn't stick to".

So today, I went to the Community Furniture Project on Greenham Business Park as I am not a fan of brand new furniture and I think their project is very good for the environment - it's the best kind of recycling! There were no cookers at all - electric or gas, but I didn't come away empty-handed though - somehow I managed to haul this chest of drawers out of the shop, into my car and into the house. I still haven't recovered and even my third cup of tea hasn't revitalised me yet.

Still, I'm happy with it, the charity got a decent whack for it from me (and MrM who had to cough up when I surprised him by appearing at his office and begging for some top-up cash)....

We are a charity selling good quality re-used furniture and household goods at affordable prices to everyone – with special discount prices to those in need. As well as helping the environment by saving unnecessary landfill, we also provide a range of volunteering and accredited training opportunities.

We also work with community groups and local businesses, helping provide greener waste and re-use services.


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