Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Wednesday, 1st June - Lumos

It was only thanks to Graham that I found about this charity as he has been helping out with photography. Lumos was founded by JK Rowling and she is asking people to donate and buy an online candle, which will raise money for Eastern and Central European children in institutionalised care.

Today is the 1st June and is International Children’s Day 2011. Lumos is a charity supporting thousands of vulnerable children living in residential institutions. They often lack social and emotional support - one poignant example is that they rarely get to mark their birthdays. On International Children’s Day, 1 June 2011, please join us and help more children enjoy a birthday. We're asking people to light a Birthday Candle for Lumos. The funds raised by this campaign will go towards Lumos’ work. They will help move children out of residential institutions and into family-based care, so that next year many more children will be able to celebrate their birthday properly.

By taking part in Light a Birthday Candle for Lumos, you are helping us to change the lives of thousands of vulnerable children by raising vital funds to support our work in ending the systematic institutionalisation of children across Central and Eastern Europe.

The money you have donated will go directly towards our work to move children out of residential institutions into family-based care for good, so many more children can celebrate their birthday properly in the future.

Dear friend, Lumos says thank you so much for your kind donation to Lumos. Your valuable contribution will help us to fund vital work in Moldova, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Montenegro, where our team of experts are working with national and local governments to bring about change to the care system for children. Your donation will help many children start to enjoy their birthdays. With warmest wishes The Lumos Fundraising Team

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