Thursday, 9 June 2011

Tuesday, 7th June - Save the Children

Actually, this wasn't me, but a friend who has been interested in my Charity 365 idea who kindly sent me a couple of goats for my birthday!

Sadly, there weren't two goats outside the front door when I got up, but a lovely birthday card with a letter telling me that they'd been bought for a family in Africa. I got one of these at Christmas from my dad with the note: "We're not kidding, we've bought you two goats!"

Goats are great, because they give a mother a way to enrich her children's diet with milk.
As the pair of goats mate and have kids, she'll be able to use the goats for meat or sell them to provide much-needed income.
This gift is great for building a secure future as well as changing a family's life now.

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