Sunday, 1 May 2011

Sunday, 1st May - Cattistock Cricket Club, Football Club, the Playing Fields and the Savill Hall

For about an hour and a half this morning, I was the female world champion at Dorset Knob Throwing! For just £1, you got three knobs to throw as far as possible underarm at the annual Dorset Knob Throwing event in Cattistock. The money raised goes towards four of the village's facilities; the Cricket Club, the Football Club, the Playing Fields and the Savill Hall.

I should say that Dorset knobs are a kind of stale bread bun biscuit made by Moore's Biscuits, yet surprisingly light when it comes to throwing them as far as possible on a windy Sunday morning!

My first attempt went about 20m behind me, and the next two rolled along the ground at the adjudicator's feet, so I blamed him! Now I had the knack, I then bought three more (along with a "I threw a Dorset Knob" bag) and pitched it 17.54m!

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