Sunday, 1 May 2011

Saturday, 30th April - MENCAP

MrM and I were both about to pay for the bits and bobs we'd bought at services near Amesbury, but he got there first, so I put my coins into the Mencap bucket next to the till.

Mencap is the voice of learning disability in the UK, aiming to change laws, services and prejudice.

We support people with a learning disability to get a job or take a college course, or we can help them find a place of their own to live in.
We offer advice about things like respite care, individual budgets or transport services.
We run residential/day care services and leisure groups that are so important to so many people with a learning disability, and their families and supporters.
We support people with a learning disability to be part of their local communities.
We lobby the government to change laws so that more and more people with a learning disability can have control over their own lives.

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