Monday, 23 May 2011

Monday, 23rd May - Cancer Research UK

In lovely Canterbury today for work, and was treated to lunch by Graham, a star photographer! After a lovely yasai katsu curry at Wagamama (the first Japanese word I ever learnt - it means 'selfish'!), Graham, who has been reading this blog since it started, helped me out with a charity thing for the day - visiting the Cancer Research shop to see what we could find. Happily, I spotted a book on the shelf that I'd actually read; "Where did it all go right", the story of a happy childhood, written by Andrew Collins to counteract all the books in the category below that came out in the last few years.

The book's not brilliant, although it is quite cheery. However, I bought it for Graham as he went to the same school as the author, and it provided me with a satisfying purchase from Cancer Research!

Cancer Research UK’s recent campaign shows the lives being saved by new treatments developed through research.
The campaign features real cancer survivors and patients talking about the impact Cancer Research UK has had on their lives, while cancer doctors talk about their research which is funded by the charity. The campaign illustrates the role of Cancer Research UK in the huge strides that have been made in cancer survival - over the past 40 years the chances of surviving cancer have doubled.

Whilst drug developments and treatments are crucial in improving survival, diagnosing cancer at an early stage can also ensure that treatment is easier and more likely to be successful. Use our symptom checker to make sure you are aware of the signs of cancer and if you notice any unusual, persistent changes go to your GP straight away.

(PS VERY scary taking a photo of a professional photographer!)

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