Monday, 2 May 2011

Bank Holiday Monday - Crafty Craft and the "Live below the line" campaign

As well as helping out at Newbury's Crafty Craft event, my other charity thing today was starting a challenge called "Live below the line" which entails spending less than £1 a day on food for a week. This is to highlight the difficulties faced by families across the developing world and to raise funds for Christian Aid, Salvation Army, Results UK, Restless Development and Think Global - all organisations that campaign to end poverty.

When I had my breakfast - a cup of tea, a slice of toast and some fruit, it seemed easy, but then totalling it up, I worked out that this was already heading towards 60p. I filled up on water for the rest of the day which was fine until about 4pm. I was helping MrM out at Newbury's Crafty Craft today and his charity's stall was very unfortunately for me placed next to the burger and doughnut stall. I don't eat meat, but the smell of onions and burgers was starting to make me drool like Homer Simpson. Much later, I nearly bought a bag of doughnuts which would have cost £1 -my whole day's food budget, which made me realise how mindless my food spending can be sometimes - and I don't even consider myself too frivolous!

So back home, I made a pan of two packets of 9p noodles and had a yoghurt from the fridge which means I can't eat any more tonight....

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