Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Wednesday, 27th April - RSPCA

I have praised the local RSPCA shop in the past but today might well be my last visit! Today's charity thing was to carry in a bag of donations (quite high quality, I thought - books, CDs, Readers Digest magazines which are quite popular at charity shops as they're so readable). Rather than saying thank you, the woman took my bag and started inspecting each item. Irritated, I asked her if it was acceptable and without looking up and with her back to me, she said: "It's fine."

We’ve improved the lives of farm animals by asking and encouraging you to buy higher welfare labelled products such as Freedom Food. More and more of you are now making an ethical choice at the supermarket.

We’re still rehoming thousands of cats, dogs, rabbits and pet rodents, finding loving homes for pets who need a second chance in life. And, when we needed to rehome the Amersham horses so many of you supported us that we were able to find permanent homes for 28 other horses and ponies too!

During 2010 our wildlife centres took in over 16,000 sick, injured and orphaned wild animals. Our ongoing research helps us understand how we can best prepare these animals for release, for example we have learnt that playing bird song to baby birds helps them breed more successfully after they leave our care.

We had major input into a new law that regulates the use of animals in research and testing in Europe, which was finalised in 2010. This should lead to improvements for lab animals in many countries across the EU. We also helped establish new global guidelines which, if widely implemented, will raise welfare standards for millions of laboratory animals.


  1. What a shame! You do such amazing things for charity and to do this challenge is wonderful, so to come across attitudes like that, really puts a dampner on things. They should be grateful for what they've got and make the most of it.xx

  2. Thanks for the support (I was thinking of leaving this at the half way mark, but you've inspired me to persist!). Luckily people with her attitude are few (although you may have seen that I took my wedding dress to Oxfam and neither of the two women in the shop said 'thank you'!), so I'll put it behind me!
    thanks again for reading <3