Monday, 4 April 2011

Sunday and Monday: MS Society and Community Furniture Project


I couldn't think of anything exciting to do charity-wise yesterday, so pledged to myself that I would do two different things today.

1. The first thing was that I mentioned previously that I thought I had been appointed editor of the local MS Society branch newsletter. Very fortunately, it turns out that I am the ASSISTANT editor and shall be helping the new editor! We met today (actually he and I had met a few years ago, both of us wearing very different hats), and Newbury being Newbury, know all of the same people! We had a very short but productive meeting on how to take the newsletter forward and how to build on the great work of the previous editor who recently stepped down.

If you have any experience of doing a monthly local newsletter, then please let me know and please feel free to offer any comments or advice! I will pay you in drinks, hugs or good vibes!!

The MS Society is the UK's largest charity for people affected by multiple sclerosis (MS).

We are a membership organisation but provide services to all.

The Society funds MS research, runs respite care centres, provides grants (financial assistance), education and training on MS. It produces numerous publications on MS and runs a freephone specialist Helpline.

We are committed to bringing high standards of quality health and social care within reach of everyone affected by MS and to encourage and support medical and applied research into its cause and control. We have a vision and mission for action across the UK.

2. The second thing was the brilliant Newbury Community Furniture Project which is a local charity that saves items that are destined for landfill and sells them at a reasonable price to people who need furniture. Today, I bought a tin of paint that would have been thrown away. It is now (hopefully, if not too dried and clumpy) be destined for the walls of our spare room that I've been preparing this week!

We are a charity selling good quality re-used furniture and household goods at affordable prices to everyone – with special discount prices to those in need. As well as helping the environment by saving unnecessary landfill, we also provide a range of volunteering and accredited training opportunities.

We also work with community groups and local businesses, helping provide greener waste and re-use services.


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