Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Sunday, 10th April - Hope Hospice

Sunday was a bit of a write-off, with no time whatsoever, so I actually did this on Monday! I took MrM to Portmeirion in North Wales and the hotel we stayed in had a collection tin for a children's hospice called Hope House. I didn't have any Welsh currency (hahahaha!) so put in some English money...

Making the most of short and precious lives
When a parent is told their child will not live to be an adult it is the start of an agonising journey. A childhood terminal illness challenges every belief, emotion and dream a parent may have for their special son or daughter.

Hope House Children’s Hospices – Hope House in Oswestry and Ty Gobaith in Conwy – provide practical and emotional support to families facing the pain of losing their precious child.

It costs £3.5 million a year to run both hospices which rely almost entirely upon donations as well as many generous individuals who fundraise on our behalf by organising fantastic fundraising events across the regions.


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