Sunday, 3 April 2011

Saturday, 2nd April - Help for Heroes, Wash Common Infants' Playground; Big Issue

The lovely town crier and Richard Benyon MP, were not very impressed with me today as they were collecting for Help for Heroes. I dropped a couple of quid into Mr Benyon's collection bucket and made a throwaway comment about how it would be nice if people weren't being sent to war and then coming back injured. He was not amused and told me that the politics was not what was important when it comes to Help for Heroes.

Kudos to them for giving up their Saturday morning in aid of this charity, but I think it's important to look beyond the problem to what's causing it. Same deal with children being abused or animal cruelty. Perhaps I'm being a bit belligerent because I went to see Inside Job last night, the film about what (and who) caused the financial crisis in 2008.

Anyway, I then bought a Big Issue, again thinking to myself that homelessness is an issue that could be avoided if we didn't live in such a dramatically unequal society. I kept my opinions to myself this time!

Then, armed with my Guardian and my Big Issue, a very nice lady from the Wash Common Infants' Playground uncontroversially asked me if I'd like to donate some money in return for a coffee and a cake! I gave the cake to MrM (whose charity has given the project more than £50,000 four years ago -if I am indeed thinking of the correct Greenham Gift winner!), but I really should have eaten it - it would have kept my mouth shut for two minutes!

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