Saturday, 23 April 2011

Saturday, 23rd April - Castle School

As if to underline how much I've spent on diesel and supplies for MrM's parents' surprise party last month, I have a pile of Active Kids vouchers that you get from big spends at Sainsbugs. If you're a school or organisation, you can exchange towards sports equipment for schools, so I offered my stash on freegle and got a HUGE response!

I chose a lady who wanted them for the Castle School which is a school in West Berkshire for children with special needs.

Our school is a West Berkshire Education Authority Special School with many years experience in educating SEN students.

A mixed day school, we take pupils between the ages of 2 and 19 who are fully statemented and have a wide range of educational needs. Our Nursery class is co-located at Victoria Park Nursery in the centre of Newbury although they spend time at the main School two afternoons per week using our specialist facilities.

In 2008 we secured Specialist College status for Communication & Interaction and are intensively developing and improving ways in which we can help all our students progress until they are “ready for life”.

Easter 2011 we should be opening a brand-new Post 16 facility next door to Newbury College to enhance the learning experiences of both our students and those of the College who seek a career in education or SEN.

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