Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Wednesday, 9th March - Tommy's

Had to dash into town to get some black ink for my printer and noted that WHSmith had helpfully included a recycling envelope for the empty cartridge. I've posted this off and it's going to help Tommy's - a baby charity. To be honest, I'd not heard of this charity, but having a look at the website has been a real eye-opener.

Tommy's funds research into pregnancy problems and provides information to parents
At Tommy’s we believe it is unacceptable that one in four women will lose a baby during pregnancy and birth.

When a pregnancy fails or a baby dies, the families affected can be devastated and often have a desperate need to know why. Frustrated at the lack of research that meant they could rarely answer this question, two obstetricians working in the maternity unit at St Thomas' Hospital in London were inspired to start fundraising for more research into pregnancy problems.

Soon, their cause was taken up by others and a charity affectionately known as 'Tommy's' (after St Thomas' Hospital) was born.
That was 1992. Today, we lead the way in maternal and fetal research in the UK. To give every baby the best chance of being born healthy, we work to fund medical research into the causes of premature birth, stillbirth and miscarriage.

We fund three research centres in the UK, including St Thomas' in London, St Mary’s in Manchester and the recently established Royal Infirmary in Edinburgh, which focus their research efforts on different issues relating to pregnancy.

We also feel it's important to raise awareness of the facts and to provide free, accurate and up-to-date information for medical professionals and parents-to-be.

This includes a dedicated telephone midwife service, a comprehensive website and free books and leaflets dedicated to promoting health in pregnancy and pre-pregnancy.

We are supported by people who want to do something about the lack of research and information around pregnancy issues like miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth.

We believe every parent has the right to a healthy pregnancy and baby. Our target is to halve the number of babies that die during pregnancy or birth by 2030.

To hear that one in four pregnancies ends in miscarriage is a terrible statistic, but perversely has made me feel a lot better today. I'd been feeling like a total failure and had even convinced myself that this had happened to me because it was the world's way of telling me that I would make a bad parent. And who can you talk to about it? With many, many of my friends having babies recently, I've been told almost daily that "life is pointless without children", "my life was so empty before" etc etc etc! On one occasion, one of my "friends" asked if we were "going to bother celebrating Christmas" as there were just two of us "and there is no magic in the house without children"! And this is from people whose children I've just spent thousands of pounds on (baby presents, Christening gifts, child tax credits, child benefit and 13 years' education. I am joking, but you see my point!)

So today's charity could not have appeared in front of my at a better time, even if the only person I've really helped today was me!

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