Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Tuesday, 8th March - Alzheimer's Society

Everyone knows what day it is today, so my charity contribution shall be appropriately themed.

International Women's Day - what?! No, not that high brow. I was referring to Pancake Day!! I was asked if I could flip for the Alzheimer's Society in the pancake races taking place at lunchtime in Newbury's Market Place today. (I think she just stopped short of calling me a 'tosser'.) Sadly, I was only asked yesterday so had no time to put together a bunny costume to fit in with the rest of the team! However, I did go down there in my lunch hour to offer my support and to watch the subsequent 'pancake catching competition' where pancakes were thrown from the top of St Nicolas Church tower.

At first I thought it was God dispensing pancakes from the top of the spire, but it was the Soroptimists, who organised the event. And then for a charity donation of £5, pancakes for lunch! (Not the same ones, apparently).

I am going to continue the theme of the Alzheimer's Society today and will visit the old lady that I befriend after work.

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