Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Wednesday, 9th February -Marie Curie Cancer Care

Mr M's sister-in-law mentioned on FB that her mop bucket had been stolen from outside her house, so I thought I'd take her one of my spares (without stopping to ask why I had four mop buckets in the house). So while I was over there, I dropped off a bag of good stuff (including four sets of new playing cards, four tops - what is about the number four today?), to the Marie Curie Cancer Care shop in the high street. I actually temped at Marie Curie's head office for two weeks and thought their work with people with cancer was brilliant and very touching. My job there was to send thank you letters to lots of people who had raised money by different means and I recall one letter from a mother whose child had died of cancer. She had sent her son's life savings which totalled about £150 which made me blub and blub.

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