Monday, 7 February 2011

Update from Oxfam

Back in January, one of my charity things was to donate my wedding dress to my local Oxfam shop. When I did this, neither of the two women in the shop at the time said thank you which made me cry and cry and cry. I was so upset that I couldn't even look at my wedding photos.

However, today, I received not only a handsome apology but a 'thank you' as well!

"The Oxfam shop manager is aware of the customer service you received in her shop and sends her apologies that were not thanked when you donated your dress. It is important that the shop manager is aware of the service you received, however we also would not want to get anyone in trouble. The shop manager will however discuss customer service with all members of the shop team to ensure that this issue does not happen again.

On behalf of the shop manager and of Oxfam I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for donating your wedding dress to Oxfam. I am sorry this thanks was not said sooner, and I assure you that Oxfam is grateful and will use your dress to make as much money as possible to end poverty around the world.

Oxfam raises a fantastic amount of money through its Bridal shops and departments, for example, if your dress was sold for £300 that could pay for around 1000 fruit trees, planting trees helps poor communities become more self-sufficient (trees provide shelter, prevent soil erosion, and may be used as a source of income)."

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