Friday, 11 February 2011

Friday, 11th February - Alzheimer's Society; Big Issue and Age UK

My first thing was to visit the lady I befriend as part of volunteerng with the Alzheimer's Society. I made her a cup of tea and we had a chat about what was happening in the world as she seems to take an interest in current affairs and we also had a chat about Valentine's Day which happens to be her birthday, so I left her a little card and present.

Then I discovered that today is the inaugural "Bobble Day" run by Age UK. The day is a brilliant idea and part of Age UK's Spread the Warmth campaign which tries to stop 250 older people dying every day during the winter months as a result of the cold weather.

The idea of the day is that supporters wear a bright orange bobble, or even dress entirely in orange. The shop in Thatcham had a very eye-catching orange theme outside, which was attracting lots and lots of shoppers while I was there.

Then (after checking that the date was correct!), I bought a Big Issue magazine from a seller outside Waitrose.

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