Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Wednesday, 12th January - Palestine Solidarity Campaign

You've guessed it - my charity for the day was West Berkshire Alzheimer's Society! If there is anyone out there reading, then you're going to be bored by the lack of variety for the last couple of weeks. So we have a change of charity today. While it was meant to be the Alz Society, in truth, I was simply too busy at work so didn't have time to go to the office.

However, fittingly, I went to see one of my very favourite comedians last night, the brilliant Mark Thomas. Mark has a new show called "Extreme Rambling; Walking Israel's Separation Barrier. For Fun" which we caught at Reading. What an evening! Mark recounts his incredible (and brave) journey of 750km hiking from the top of the wall in Besan, right down to where it stops suddenly in Beit Yatir.
The show was utterly rivetting and an amazing insight. So I gave a small donation to my chosen charity for today which had to be the Palestine Solidarity Campaign which supports the Palestinians into returning to their own towns.

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