Sunday, 23 January 2011

Sunday, 23rd January

Not sure where these will end up, and this is a bit of a last minute cheat, but I've handed over a box of bandages and other medical bits and bobs that I came across after a massive declutter (I will soon be able to see carpet!).

I thought initially that these might be of use to the St John Ambulance for their work or even for their training but the local office that I called weren't interested.

I then turned to TV presenter Kate Humble's brilliant website called after hearing her being interviewed on Excess Baggage on Radio 4 last year. The simple, but genius idea, is that you plug in where you're heading to on the website's map to see if there is a charity there that needs supplies.

It can be anything from clothes, shoes, sports equipment, books, toys to balls, balloons, pens, pencils and frisbees. I was headed for India, but unfortunately, the charity I contacted never got back to me so I left the bandages and took a pile of colouring books and crayons, distributing them to bemused children willy-nilly.

However, a relative is heading to South Africa and has offered to take the bandages etc. so however tenuous, I'm going to claim this as my charity for today...

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