Saturday, 8 January 2011

Saturday, 8th January - Oxfam

Calling Kate Middleton! Your search for the perfect wedding dress is over! Today, I donated my wedding dress to Oxfam!

While I was planning on keeping my wedding dress for my next marriage, the new husband pointed out that if I do marry again then I probably shouldn't wear the same dress!

I really enjoyed wearing this dress on my wedding day, but to be honest, it takes up lots of space in our tiny house and I thought it would be lovely for another bride to make use of it and for it to star in her big day too. So I decided to donate it to Oxfam who say that the money raised by the sale goes to people living in extreme poverty around the world. I took it to my local store who are able to transport it to one of Oxfam's dedicated bridal boutiques. There were two women behind the counter and while one of them looked very unimpressed with me when I joked that I was sorry to see the dress go, the other one got me to sign a gift aid form so they could claim some tax. One of the ladies seemed to recognise that it's not an easy thing to hand over - it's not the dress as such or the money, but the memories and what the dress represents. I think I was just angling for a "thank you" from one of them!

While the unimpressed woman took my dress away, the other lady told me that she'd kept her dress since the 1980s and that with all things with big shoulders making a comeback that now might be the time for her to donate hers too!

Note: That's WATER in my pint glass. Water.

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