Saturday, 15 January 2011

Saturday, 15th January - Royal British Legion, Women's Section

As Withnail would say "We'll have tea and cake!"

There was a coffee morning at the Town Hall this morning in aid of the Women's Section of the Royal British Legion, which seemed to be calling to me. Who says no to cake??

The Women's Section provides care and support for the ex-service community, including welfare work schemes, financial help to ex-servicewomen, wives, widows and the widowers of ex-service personnel and their children.


Just across the road, there was a very impressive display by many of the local charities holding their annual volunteer recruitment show, called the ‘Big Wild West Berkshire Volunteering Show’ where many of the charities and organisers were dressed as cowboys!
A great idea and a nice opportunity to speak to people from local charities; I appear to have signed up for at least three!

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