Monday, 10 January 2011

Monday, 10th January, West Berkshire Alzheimers Society

West Berkshire Alzheimer's Society again - this time taking notes for a group of carers and people with dementia called the "empowerment group". This is a group of local people who meet regularly to identify their priorities and talk about their ideas and problems in an attempt to try to steer policy.

There was a lovely bunch of people who were given a healthy lunch prepared by three very dedicated volunteers before a lively discussion on how things could be made better. Simple but very important ideas were put forward such as exchanging information, being made aware of all the help that's available at the same time as receiving a dementia diagnosis and having a say in the training of new doctors and nurses.

In a brilliant move, the organiser had brought a video camera so the opinions expressed today could be relayed almost directly to the decision makers. Watching a group of 70 and 80-year olds explain patiently how use it and then how to connect it to her computer was highly amusing!

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