Friday, 14 January 2011

Friday, 14th January - Shelter

Today's charity is Shelter who work to ensure that everyone has access to affordable accommodation. While a couple of people (my partner's family and friends, mainly!) have laughed at my partner and I because our house is tiny and needs work, I thank God almost daily that I am lucky wnough to have a roof over our heads as housing is so desperately important.

It just beggars belief that in today's advanced society that there are people who are homeless or badly housed; while at the same time there are people living in massive mansions and with huge property portfolios (I'm looking at you Robbie Fowler). As my favourite comedian Mark Thomas says; "no one should have a second home until everyone has a first one."

ANyway, less moaning and more proactivity! I went to which is a review site where members of the community can post reviews of everything from films, books, food to scourers, tissues, TV programmes (I've reviewed things from Midsomer Murders to different types of teabags) and for each one you get points. You get more points when people rate your reviews and in return you can rate them back. It's a very useful website for impartial advice.

And what do points mean? Prizes! Cash, amazon vouchers or a donation to charity - in my case a donation directly to Shelter who use their money to give advice to anyone that needs it and Homeless projects in major cities.

"We take great pleasure in passing on your donation on your behalf, and you can be sure that the charity of your choice will be able to put your donation to good use."

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