Monday, 13 December 2010

December 2010

Hello there! Many thanks for stopping by!
Welcome to the "charity a day" blog which is an account of my year trying to do something small every day for charity.

Like most people, I've frequently contributed change from my pocket to people shaking collecting tins without giving an awful lot of thought to what the cause is. Likewise, I've often sponsored friends and family doing amazing challenges, each of whom have a charity that's close to their hearts, without really questioning why they support their chosen organisation. I decided that for each day in 2011 that I would delve a bit deeper into the thousands of charities that are out there, into what they do, and whether I can help with a bit of time and effort, rather than just donating money.

My goal is to do something different each day, but despite there being hundreds - more like thousands - of charities, there may be some repetition. If I'm repeating myself and there's a charity that's close to your heart, please leave me a comment! Have a lovely 2011!